This method is … and boat graphics?" Do not to use acetone because it discolors gelcoat. We’ll be discussing these simple methods based on the complexity and type of problem you may be facing when removing your boat letters. job. A plastic - scratch free - scraper will likely come from your local professional paint retailer. There are three popular ways to remove decals and stickers from a boat: an eraser wheel, heat gun and a scraper, or use a hot water pressure washer. There are copies of this scraper around but they are not marked "Lil Removing stick on lettering can get a little difficult at times. I've removed all the vinyl lettering of the previous name, and have been able to remove the "ghosting" from weathering of the hull around them by waxing and polishing the hull. But there are a few tricks to get that glue to get off your boat. 3.5 mil vinyl decal with a gloss laminate covering. (the almond Tutorial : How To Remove Boat Lettering. gasoline will remove most adhesives but it does so at a great risk for your Apply and remove your boat graphics and lettering with these easy, step-by-step instructions. Search. 5 years ago | 214 views. You need If you need to remove any vinyl lettering this is going to depend on the age of the lettering. Try asking the company executives first. Removing a painted boat name. Run the wheel along the vinyl, gauging the pressure you need to use by what you’ve just removed, and you should have no trouble. Vinyl lettering Removal: Peel up the edge and pull from the surface. BoatUS Members save 10% off … First it's a lubricant to help insure you don't damage the top surface The Easy-Off removed the “t” on both sides of the hull, so now he had a happy wife and permission to store the boat at home uncovered. But there are a few tricks to get that glue to get off your boat. 3.5 mil vinyl decal with a gloss laminate covering. How to Install Boat … When you have all of them removed, scrape off any remaining glue residue and clean the surface thoroughly using ordinary glass cleaner. the boat once you are able to lift it. Remove and Install Vinyl Lettering. To summarise our chat, I’ll walk you how to remove any boat sticker in minutes. How To Remove Old Boat Graphics - BoatUS Graphics & Lettering. . However, the original name of the boat (we're the third owners) is still fairly easily seen as … Pre-masked and pre-spaced adhesive vinyl that installs in minutes and is perfect for your boat's lettering needs. Anti-Bond is expensive (usually around $15 for a 1.5-oz. 07498 Stripe Off Wheel. craft. Search. How To Install Boat Lettering. a solvent that dissolves adhesive but does not affect whatever the finish washing liquid serves two purposes. Library. If you have to remove a painted-on boat name, Brett suggests Easy-Off over cleaner. If you're looking at a used boat with complex systems, consider spending the money for an extended warranty... Engine Hours on a Used Boat: Trust But Verify. Wipe down the surface of boat sticker. • GUARANTEED: To remove the toughest stickers from Boats, Catamarans, Yachts, Speed Boat’s, Jet Ski’s, Steel Frame. But don’t be tempted to use abrasive pads or harsh cleanser. Hold the scraper as close to flat against the boat surface as possible and One way to remove the decal is with elbow grease. Wet Installation. How to Remove Vinyl Letters. True story: A guy brings home a used boat he just bought, and he is just beaming. FREE Shipping. If it rips, use the putty spreader to get the small bits off. There are many ways to remove vinyl lettering. Long-lasting adhesive vinyl boat decals that allow you to customize your boat's graphics however you want. Removing stick on lettering can get a little difficult at times. That’s because ultraviolet rays in sunlight actually deteriorate gelcoat as a boat ages. Let it penetrate them, and apply it directly to the sticky bathtub.! The colors were spot on and they are extremely reflective. The price was too good to resist, and all it needed was a little sprucing up, which included removing some tattered old vinyl decals. The proper actions must be taken, recitations made, and libations poured. Floor Decals. the marine industry for 15 years. Watch fullscreen. If you try to take lettering or decals off a boat with a razor blade — and you’ve probably looked at a used model on which some had tried this — you’ll gouge up the boat, especially if they’re old decals. Removing Boat Letters may seem like a daunting task- but fear not because Lettering on the Cheap has your back with 3 simple methods to remove your boat letters in just a mere few minutes. Try asking the company executives first. The other method shows the use of the product Vinyl-Off. Severo Luigi. By the way, you have to be very careful of the sea gods when you change a boat name. This Appliqués and stickers came right off removing wax from a glass object remover acetone! Take care when washing the surface your lettering is applied to. Watch fullscreen. Is it a painted boat name or vinyl boat name? then keep trying. free plastic scraper (really good ones are very rare) and a solution of Time. In either case, you can use a scraping and soapy watery method on Removing stick on lettering can get a little difficult at times. Then slowly peel the vinyl up, slowly and gently does it best, if you go too fast then either some glue will remain or the vinyl will break. When it comes down to it, there is a multitude of reasons to remove a boat’s decal. How to Remove Lettering From a Boat . Quality cuts, quality vinyl, fast shipping. It’s the only product I know of that will soften and help de-bond 3M-5200, which as we all know is the most serious stuff on the planet for holding boat things together. That’s really what it is, an abrasive wheel made from eraser material. There are many solvents that work fine, but you should pick This is one of the best ways on how to remove sticker residue glue. Fact is, Boat Lettering Removal: The first step in removing an old boat name is to determine what you’re dealing with. Junior Member. I am often asked, "What is the best way to remove old boat lettering If you need to remove any vinyl lettering this is going to depend on the age of the lettering. Heat them with a hair dryer and slowly peel them off. The non-petroleum based stuff they sell in the auto parts store for removing tar from auto bodies works well. This is our recommended installation process. 5 years ago | 214 views. is important. if you discover you are damaging your boat topcoat. Jun 22, 2013 - How to Remove Stick On Lettering from a Boat. This adhesive remover comes in a compact, easy-to-use spray for topical application. How To Remove Old Boat Graphics - BoatUS Graphics & Lettering. Striping Installation. I will be choosing for my next decals. must be verified before you use any dissolving method chemicals. Posts; Latest Activity; Photos . Previous template Next. Imagine trying to slice roast beef so think you can see through it. your solvent under the advice of your local paint store expert. Only use a low heat setting on your hairdryer. Report. Use of a non scratching scraper Reasons to Remove A Boat’s Decal. As soon as you have a large enough section of the vinyl removed from the glass, you can set aside the scraper and begin pulling the letting away. 4.5 out of 5 stars 724. or perhaps you just want to upgrade your lettering to a new style with matching In addition to covering the ski boat Bring this along with your wet release boat name lettering or registration number decal and a Rubbermaid kitchen spatula or other rubberized straight edge. Jan 24, 2016 - How to Remove Stick On Lettering from a Boat. Filtered by: Clear All. How to Remove Old Boat Names and Graphics To remove old Boat Names, the best way is to push a flat tool (not too sharp) against the corners of the letters to lift them. The eraser wheel will not remove the adhesive, though. Once you get the lettering or decals off and the adhesive cleaned up, you might find that you can see raised sections of gelcoat where the decals were. As we are now moving into the boating industry, (as had huge success in helping people remove car stickers), we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback