The Uplift Desk’s motor is currently manufactured, for JieCang, by a Chinese company called Shenzhen Weizhen Motor Co., LTD. The base-only option for the Uplift v2 is expandable and only has one price. We recommend using your own so that the feet are fully tightened. – Electronics Upon return of the desk, you are refunded 100% of your purchase price. All MojoDesk standing desks are made and shipped from its company headquarters in Denver, Colorado. I am stuck between these two desks (well, not literally). Check out our Customer Reviews for honest thoughts and product pictures. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 vs. FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2 35″ (2019 Comparison), 11 Best Standing Desk Converters for 2020. and the motors are strong enough to lift the load. Ergo Desktop Kangaroo vs VertDesk Converter: Best Pick for 2019? Note: Regardless of the electric standing desk selected, it is important to always fully tighten the hardware. The Uplift v2 utilizes the two-board circuit board system we’ve found on many of the lower cost electric standing desks. The Uplift v2 uses plastic clips to connect the two boards. It is available in 42″, 48″, 60″, 72″ and 80″ wide. Both products could be a good fit, depending on your specific needs. The motor on the VertDesk v3 is well put together. UPLIFT V2 Desk Frame height range: 25.3" - 50.1" (with a 1" desktop) Without question, two of the most stable standing desks we’ve tested, the Uplift Commercial and VertDesk v3, are great options for those looking to avoid annoying wobble and rocking motions. This includes a mass-produced power supply system, which has significant amounts of silicone caulk to hold key components in place. A four-layer circuit board is used to maximize functionality and create the smallest footprint possible. We found that laminate options from both brands are close in price, depending on the current offers available. This leads us to believe that while the motors are strong enough to lift 360 lbs., they do not recommend it with the current configuration. The goal of our comparison is to answer the tough questions in an open and honest manner, allowing you … The Uplift Commercial v2 comes without the feet and work surface supports attached. – Weight Capacity Testing – Stability These additional items will increase the price of the frame as the size increases. Below is the deflection score range guide for the WobbleMeter. This high quality plastic requires little additional lubricant when sliding against the painted inner column, creating a much cleaner experience than the Uplift Desk. VARIDESK ProPlus™ 36 vs. InMovement DT2: What is Best in 2019? 12 Reasons to Avoid Standing Desks Under $400. Having previously used LogicData, this component was perfectly wrapped with no overlap. The VertDesk v3 includes a fixed cross support and a fixed upper frame component. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aeb0782d520fb64efc493f53a1a46855" );document.getElementById("jbc61f9dcd").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Greg Knighton is the President of with over 15 years experience in the office furniture industry. VertDesk . Please call our sales department for the most accurate pricing. Overall, the motor appears to be well built, with a nice motor encasement. The VertDesk v3 features a single board control box system, engineered and manufactured by Laing Innotech, specifically for use in an electric standing desk. The VertDesk v3 currently has a larger selection of commercial-grade laminate tops with eleven wood grain prints and solid color options available. The components on the VertDesk’s circuit board are securely fastened with solid platforms and permanent soldered connections. If you’d like to learn more about using the WobbleMeter visit: what is the WobbleMeter? Having glides that do not properly fit, in production, will create stability issues. 7-year warranty for everything on the Uplift frame, including the motors, control box, and switch. – Assembly This gear then turns the spindle gear that runs vertically through each column. Uplift Desk v2 Commercial vs. VertDesk v3: Which is better? ... vivo vs flexispot uplift desk v2 adjustable computer desks standing desk kit electric lift desks power up desk … The pain point for the Uplift base is attaching the feet; the allen wrench included in the box isn’t long enough for good leverage. The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric may well be the standing desk for you. In 2011, they realized an opportunity for adding their linear actuator technology into frames to create electric standing desks. The foot and frame design of a standing desk are important, as they are the foundation of the desk.