It is part of who I am and I feel comfortable practicing my faith. Without Faith, it’s Impossible to Please God. This is the religion in which I was raised and while I have done study on other Christian denominations and religions, this is where I feel that "click" deep in my soul. It reminds me what’s life’s all about, and lets me put the past week into context and prepare for the next one. That’s faith – being sure of what you’re hoping for – being certain of what you don’t see or experience yet. It’s a truth claim. It is important to be Catholic because there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. Those who have come to a knowledge of the Catholic religion and are culpable in their refusal to embrace it, will perish in eternal fire. "My Catholic faith is very important to me. I will appeal to love. Twelve Reasons From The Teachings Of The Church For Wanting To Spend One Hour With Jesus In The Blessed Sacrament "The Church and the world have a … It always has been and it always will be. That’s right—fair. The article focused on the fact that as Catholics we should not just be “nice” or “tolerant” but rather authentic, truthful and also ready to preach the Gospel to all. Why The Saints Are Important In Our Lives One could draw analogies that show how, even from a secular point of view, people honor others who lived in earlier times and have since died. I read a Catholic blog recently on the topic of whether Jesus was “nice” or not. 1. For me personally, being Catholic is important to me on a number of levels. The Bible defines faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). When we consider the biblical teaching on the church, we realize the church is vitally important for growing in Christ. Why is faith necessary? Mass orients my whole week. Grape juice is good, but wine is better. Religion is the one element of life that has connected the races and societies of the world for hundreds of years. 493-94) explains that Mass attendance on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is the first of the six Commandments of the Church. As a follow-up to Patrick’s speech on “WHY BE CATHOLIC” (broadcast on IMRadio 5/20/16) I ask the following questions: In his book and speech, why does Patrick emphasize as proof of the Catholic church’s authenticity and its decendence from Jesus Christ Himself using the statements that the Roman Catholic Church was the ONLY church around in the 1800s and in the 1500s? The Church teaches that we must fulfill the command of Jesus ("Do this in memory of me") by attending Sunday Mass (or the Vigil Mass the night before). G.K. Chesterton believed that often the first step for a convert is the decision to be fair to the Catholic Church. Why is it important to be Catholic? But why on earth we would need to create a religious culture in our lives today . Why is Religion Important? It is extremely important that … God has ordained the church, a fellowship of the flawed, to carry out his purpose and will in the world. Here are 9 reasons why religion is important in our everyday lives and today’s society in reference to all religions in the world But I am not going to appeal to fear. I am Catholic because I am convinced the Church is the only place I will find the fullness of truth and joy. Religion has provided for a universal language and culture among those who believe in … First, Catholicism gives me something to do every Sunday. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994, pp. That’s why I’m Catholic: because I believe Catholicism is true. Being Kind. She also confirmed that she says a … Sundays, Impositions, and Sins. But I didn’t realize how being a Catholic intensified the blessing. Like a branch that grows because of its connection to the tree, we thrive when we stay connected to the church. It helps me put things in perspective," Ledecky told the Catholic Standard in a recent interview. It has given meaning to lives that may seem otherwise hopeless.